Having graduated from Ceramic Design majoring in Architectural Ceramics in 1992, I began my career as a ‘Potter’ running The Potters School in Warrandyte, Victoria as a family business venture teaching students the art of clay over a period of four years. Throughout this time I was also able to create my own sculptural clay vessels exhibiting these in many group exhibitions. I went onto have three major solo exhibitions around Melbourne.
In 1997, an opportunity presented itself to work for Design Inferno, manufacturers of wrought iron and kiln formed glass. With the idea of learning a new skill to eventually combine with my clay works, I learnt how to forge steel.
These days I work from a ‘big old barn’ in Yarra Glen with views of the Yarra Valley, where I am able to create a range of artistic metal work. The strength and stability of a construction made from steel is impressive.
Working with steel is always a challenge and gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I enjoy beating and bending hot pieces of steel with the aid of a gas-fired forge and mechanical power hammer. With these tools alone, I am able to design and construct a wide range of wrought iron products.
Much of my work is creating various architectural fittings from balconies, balustrades, gates and window grills through to security doors. Sculptural water features and interesting outdoor furniture is where my artwork takes me in many directions. With a keen interest in animal and insect anatomy as well as plant structure, this is often where many of my designs and ideas originate.
Steel is a very artistic medium. I like to think that “anything is possible – there are no boundaries” and this keeps me constantly challenged.
Ultimately, I would like to combine clay and steel to create large rustic clay vessels supported in forged steel stands.